Can't help myself, I don't wanna be with nobody else. I don't wanna leave my baby's side and I don't wanna kiss another guy. I'll pass any test, cause nothing in this world or in the next, could make me second guess. Could make me change my mind, could make me not protect what I'm feeling inside. Hear me, this is for my baby, there will never be another. There's so many ways I love you and that's just for the record. I need you, I can't wait to see you, I so love when we are together, can't nobody do it better. I can't be perfect, no one is flawless. But rest in mind, I'll be there through the good and the bad and the ugly and worse, so if it's something that you're lacking, go and tell me first. I don't wanna go to sleep cause I don't wanna miss you. This is a team and I love my position, lead me anywhere, I'll go with you there. Cause I'm smart enough to know that this is a good thing, please believe it.And I'm smart enough to stay right where I belong and I'm faithful enough to know that this is meant to be and if it's not, the don't speak. Don't ruin it, let me dream just for awhile.

Med hjälp från J. Sparks.


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